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For the guests of the Hotel Kálvária intendign to rest or relax – besidese the services of the Magnolia Spa – offers various massages and sports activities.


The role of the European massage – rather shortly – consists of loosening the tight, smasmic muscles, respectively the moving of the joints. During the massaging of the spine the masseur is loosening the spasmic longitudinal muscles of he back and neck respectively the muscles of the pelvis. With special motions he is "mobilising" certain sections of the spine. Due to the therapy the pains get reduced, respectively the range of motion gets improved, and the moving becomes easier.

The eastern massage techniques trace back to several thousands of years. They are unblocking the energy-flow blocks by stimulating the acupressure points situated along the meridians and by opening the chakras.


In Hotel Kálvária you can choose from the following types of massages 


Swedish massage, orange-cinnamon-based massage, grapeseed oil massage, massage with oil of peppermint and rosemary

Shiatzu Japanese massage therapy*

Shiatsu (siacu) is a still developing Japanese ancient art of acupressure, based on the Chinese medicine. Aim of the treatments is to restore the natural balance of the life energy (Chi) in our body in order to keep our health and improve our condition.
Meaning of shiatsu is finger pressure that implies to the traditional acupressure techniques used during treatments but it also includes several manual therapeutic methods of the modern western medical science (craniosacral therapy, osteopathy).
Modern shiatsu regards humans as a body-mind-spirit unit therefore during treatments it is not only possible to relieve physical pain, but the soft, calming techniques bring deep changes in body and in mind.


Cegarem massage
The hotel’s guests can use the Ceragem massage bed free of charge. The 40-minute automatic program is loosening the tight musclescorrects the spine’s deformations and reduces the pressure on the nerves. The Ceragem massage bed – among others – is recommended to correct the spinal, motion-related and rheumatic problems, to reduce the pain, inflammation, settle the circulatory problems, blood pressure disorders, there is excellent experience even in case of allergy, asthma, tinitus, sleeplessness, diabetes, depression, eye-problems, too.

*In order to choose appointment or for more information, please ask the reception during your stay, or get in touch with us in advance. Pricelist here

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