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Other wellness services

For guests seeking a rest, relaxation Hotel Kálvária offers different massages and sporting options – in addition to the Magnolia Spa services.


The role of European massage – briefly – is to loosen the fixed, spasmodic muscles and to move the joints. During spinal bone massage the trainer loosens the spasmodic longitudinal back muscles, neck muscles and the hip muscles. With special movements certain sections of the backbone are ‘mobilized’. Thanks to the treatment the pain will ease, and the extent of movement is improved, the movement becomes easier.

The massage techniques from the Orient look back on the past of several thousand years. The blocks of energy flow are released through stimulating the acupressure points along the meridians, and through opening the chakra.


Hotel Kálvária offers you the following types of massages:

Swedish massage, curing massage, lymph massage, Japanese massage, chocolate massage, orange-cinnamon massage, massage with herbs, menthol massage.

The use of the Ceragem massage bed is free of charge for hotel guests. The 40-minute automatic program loosens the fixed muscles, corrects the abnormalities in the backbone and reduces the pressure on the nerve path. The use of the Ceragem massage bed is recommended – among others – to correct, restore backbone-, locomotor and rheumatic problems, to calm pain and inflammation, to settle circulation problems, blood pressure, there are remarkable experiences even with allergy, asthma, buzzing in the ears, sleeplessness, diabetes, depression, and eye problems.

You do not have to give up sunbathing in winter in our house. The good effect of solarium is unquestionable even in certain cases of winter depression, fatty skin, pimples, eczema and psoriasis. Nevertheless we wish to remind our dear guests it is strongly recommended to observe the instructions of gradual solarium use in each case.

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