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If you are a wellness fan, you find all services for spoiling yourself and recreation  in the wellness unit of Hotel Kálvária, through which it is guaranteed you get rejuvenated in mind and body. And if you feel you can go in for active sporting activity in the hotel condition room prior to the bubble bath, sauna or massage. The hotel guests can profit from a unique service as they can use the Ceragem massage bed free of charge.


Wellness is a lifestyle, a health-conscious attitude, which improves the physical and mental balance, fitness. Wellness has in fact existed since the birth of mankind. Many believe wellness is merely a form of relaxation, nothing more, yet it’s not exactly it. The wellness trend is aimed at preventing the development of illness and at improving the mental and physical fitness, freshness. What our hotel wellness unit offers to it? Well, let’s see some science:

Steam bath

 The use of the steam bath releases, heals the respiratory tract, increases the lung activity, helps breathing, reduces muscle pain, rheumatic pains, detoxicates, and hydrates the skin. Its temperature is 40-45 °C.
The steam bath is made even more pleasant with different scents, light therapy and relaxation music.

Finnish Sauna

 It helps the body to get rid of roughage and has extremely good immune strengthening and blood-vessel regeneration effect. Its air is hot and dry, in which bacteria and viruses die.
Temperature: 85-90°C. The beneficial effects of our Finnish sauna are further increased with Himalaya salt brinks and relaxation music.


Infra Sauna

As an effect of the use of the infra cabin you sweat more, the metabolism of the skin pores is significantly intensified. The infra cabin cleans the connective tissues and frees the organism from acid roughage, thus pains and rheumatic type complaints cease to exist or at least will greatly reduce.
Temperature: 35-50°C. The beneficial effects of the infra sauna are further increased with Himalaya salt brinks and relaxation music.

Jacuzzi / bubble bath

Water is not for nothing the resource of life, its impact on body and soul is at the same time unique. Hydro-massage appropriately combining air and water of good temperature forms the massage water jet, which increases the relaxing effects achieved during bathing such as blood circulation stimulation, increased oxygen supply to the cells, ideal optimisation of blood pressure, muscle relaxation.

At Hotel Kálvária Wellness Unit we look forward to receiving all those wishing to seek revival in body and soul. Take use of our bubble bath, sauna or just have a relaxation with nice music in family environment.

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