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Győr Surroundings

In addition to discovering Győr the surrounding also offers several sights and programmes worth visiting. Select as you like:

The Archabbey of Pannonhalma is surely a must-see item on the list. The building complex and surrounding were added to World Heritage in December 1996 (distance from Győr: 25 km). At the Archabbey you can visit the church, the crypt, the cloister and the library. Thanks to the revival of the grape- and wine production tradition at the abbey you have to go to the Abbey Vinery, where you can taste the noble wines of the Pannonhalma – Sokoróalja winery.


The Botanical Garden and Herbal Garden of the Abbey: On the protected area of twenty-two acres located on the Pannonhalma Natural Park there are several hundreds of tree and bush species, many of which are rare species and varieties in Hungary. The Arboretum of the Archabbey is a place for recreation and relaxation. The HERBAL GARDEN and HERBAL HOUSE show the traditional herbal culture, where you are introduced to herbal plants and different spices, you can taste the herbal teas of the Benedictine, the liqueurs and chocolates, and you can follow the lavender oil production. The herbal garden is the venue of different programmes and events in summer, out of which the peak events are the LAVENDER WEEKS and the HERBAL WEEK.

It is well worth discovering the beauties of Szigetköz (34-50 km far depending on the number of places visited) on a walking, water, biking or horse riding tour. The section of the international biking route along the Danube (EuroVelo 6) is the leg running through Szigetköz. The biggest attraction of Szigetköz is the extremely rich and varied flora and fauna, the water tours, fishing, this region is a real paradise for bike lovers.


Komárom Fortress System: The town, where Arany ember (Golden man) also lived….. the sand hill, where György Klapka built fortress from earth, the secret place, which disappeared from the map for 45 years.

The Komárom fortress is Central Europe’s biggest fortress, which remained as a whole, it’s a favourite destination of family excursions. The special character of the fortress, the century-old walls, the moats and the atmosphere of the casemates represent unique landmarks and make the hours spent here very exciting. The fortress system made up by the South Komárom Monostori Fortress, the Igmánd Fortress and Csillag (Star) Fortress is an exceptional national sight, which is on the list to be added to the Unesco World Heritage.

Adventure, history, culture, art and monument environment, all these are offered to the visitors at the Komárom Fortress system.

Lébény: a small village just 26 km far from Győr. Its landmark is the Saint Jacob Parish Church – once Benedictine church and monastery in the Middle Ages – was built at the beginning of the 13th century.  It is one of Hungary’s most valuable monuments from the Roman architecture. The church from the Árpád period is open to the visitors and pilgrims all year round.

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