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Magnolia Spa in the Hotel Kálvária

If you are an ardent fan of wellness, the spa area of the Hotel Kálvária offers all the pampering-relaxing services through which you are guaranteed to renew your body and soul. There is jacuzzi, steam bath, Finnish and infra sauna awaiting the guests.


Wellness is away of considering life, a health-aware way of living which improves our physical and spiritual balance and fitness. Actually wellness has been existing since humankind. Many think that wellness is a way of getting relaxed only, nothing more, but it is not like that! The objective of the wellness movement consists of preventing illnesses and improving the spiritual and physical fitness.

The spa is a part of the wellness feeling. A centre that provides the possibility to improve the guests’ physical, biological and mental condition. The International Spa Association (ISPA) differentiates between several categories (club, daily, holistic, medical, bathing, holiday and adventure spa). The spa that provides water-based services is called the „therme”, too, and in Hungary maybe this is the most common due to our many thermal water points. This is accompanied by the adventure and thermal pools, saunas and splashes, too.

What does our hotel’s Magnolia Spa offer for this? Let’s study some science:

Steam cabin

The steam bath is freeing and healing the airways, increases the lungs’ activity, helps in breathingreduces the muscle pains, the rheumatic pains, it is detoxicating, hydrates our skin. The temperature is between 40-45 °C. Our steam bath is made more enjoyable with various aromaslight therapy and relaxation music.

Finn sauna

Helps the body get free of the harmful substances, with an extremely good immune strengthening and vein-regenerator effect. Its air is hot and dry, where the bacteria and viruses are perishing. Its temperature is: 85-90°C. The benevolent effects of our Finnish sauna are enhanced with the Himalayan salt bricks and relaxation music


Infra sauna

Due to the infra cabin we are sweating more intenselythe metabolism of our skin’s pores is enhancing significantly. The infra radiation cleans the connective tissues and rids the body of the acidic waste, in this way the pains and rheumatic complaints are disappearing or at least get reduced. The temperature: 35-50°C. The Himalayan salt bricks and the relaxation music improve the benevolent effects of the saunas.

Hot tub

Water is the source of life, its effect on the body and soul is unique. By combining the hydro-massage, the water and air with a good temperature we obtain the massaging water-jet which optimally improves the relaxing effects gained during the bathing, such the improved blood circulation, the better oxygenation of the cells, the optimisation of blood pressure, the relaxation of the muscles.

We are welcoming everybody in the wellness area of the Hotel Kálvária who get reborn in body and soul. Visit our jacuzzi, sauna or have a few relaxing moments and listen to the relaxing music in a familial environment.

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