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Opposite our hotel, at a mere 100 meters there is the Solydent Dentistry. We are ready to offer pleasant accommodation for the patients opting for a therapy.

The dentistry is awaiting the patients with prepared and experienced doctors, professionals and the most up-to-date equipment, providing the most excellent care


Regarding the aesthetical or health-related interventions we are offering top-quality work. The dentistry that has been operating since 1991 has had already 50 thousand patients any many of them keep returning to the Solydent.

For this it is indispensable to provide dentistry-related therapy that meets every need. In this way here you can find all the aesthetical and health-related items that are connected to dentistry.

Solydent Fogászati Rendelő
Solydent Fogászati Rendelő
Solydent Fogászati Rendelő

Our main advantage is that the dentistry-technical laboratory is within the dentistry surgery, in this way we can offer more complete services to the patients.

For the details please visit the website of the Solydent Dentistry.

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