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Welcome to the hotel-kalvaria.hu website operated by the Helen-Dent Kft. (Company) (further on: Website).


1. Introduction

The present Data protection statement (further on: Data protection statement) gives information about the data the Company is recording, the purpose of recording as well as the secure way it keeps the data. You can find out how the accuracy of these data can be checked and how you can ask for their deletion. the data recording, data processing and data use take place according to the related legal provisions.

When creating our Data management statement we took into consideration the law in force, with special regard to the provisions of the 2011/CXII act on information self-determination and freedom of information (Infotv.).


2. Notions

Data manager: the natural or legal person respectively the organisation with no legal personality who defines the purpose of managing the data, takes and carries out the decisions related to the data management (including the used device)

Name: Helen-Dent Kft.
Seat: 9024 Győr, Kálvária utca 24/a.
Company registration number: 08-09-003977
Tax number: 11133575-2-08
Postal address: 9024 Győr, Kálvária utca 22/d.

Hotel contact
phone number: +36 96 510 800
fax number: +36 96 510 801
e-mail: info@hotel-kalvaria.hu

Data management: regardless the applied procedure: any operation performed with the data, with special regard to their collection, recording, organising, storing, modifying, using, querying, forwarding, disclosing, harmonising or connecting, blocking, deleting and terminating, as well as the preventing of further use. The taking of pictures, sound or image recording are considered data management, similarly to the recording of physical characteristics suitable to identify the person (such. finger and palm print, DNS sample, iris image);

Data deletion: making the data unrecognisable in such a way that their restoration is not possible;

User: Joint name of Visitor and Customer

Approval: the concerned party’s voluntary and resolute act based on the proper information, and with which he gives his clear approval to handle the connected personal data – either in fully or related to some operations

Pursuant to the paragraph 5. § (1) of the Infotv.: The personal data can be managed if

a) the concerned party gives his consent

Visitor: the person who visits the Website or our Facebook site

Personal data: the data that can be connected to the concerned party – with special regard to the concerned party’s name, identification number, and one or more data that characterise the physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity – as well as the conclusion that can be drawn form the data and related to the concerned party;

Customer: the person who intents to establish a contractual relationship with the Company or he is already in contractual and customer relationship.

Website: The Company’s hotel-kalvaria.hu website and the Facebook site

Web-based booking: It is an option only for the Hotel’s customers through the Website for electronic booking by takign into consideration the conditions specified in the Terms and conditions (further on: ÁSZF).

3. Principles

The Company is managing the personal data only with the purpose defined in the present Data protection statement, to fulfil the rights and meet the obligations at the extent and for a time required for the purpose and only those data that are definitely required to realise the purpose of data management.

During the data management the Company tries to assure the accuracy, completeness of the data and – if it is required for the purpose of the data management – up-to-date state if the concerned party makes this possible.

A) Data management in case of the Customers
Our Company is committed toward the protection of the Customers’ personal data, it considers it is very important to respect the Customers’ information self-determination right. The data of the Company’s customers provided during the contract conclusion are managed confidentially, they are used with the purpose of assuring the services for the Customers and meet its obligations within the business and takes all the security, technical and organising measures that guarantee the security of the data.

The Company is recording certain phone calls of the Customers for quality assurance purposes and the Customers are informed about this before commencing the phone call. The Company is handling confidentially the personal data provided voluntarily during the call, they are used with the purpose of assuring the services and meeting the obligations within the business and takes all the security, technical and organising measures that guarantee the security of the data.

The provided Customer data help in:

• identifying the Customer,
• contacting and keeping contact (e-mail address, phone number)
• establishing the contractual  relationship as well as providing the related information (sending the new ÁSZF).
• exerting the rights deriving from the business relationship between the Customer and the Company as well as meeting the obligations

By providing the personal data the Customer gives his consent to the Company to record and handle his personal data with the above-mentioned purposes.

B) Data management in case of the Users

The Users can visit the Website without being obliged to provide any personal data.

By visiting the Company’s website the User gives his consent to the Company to handle and process his personal data that were provided voluntarily in order to make use of the extra service providers.

The Company will never collect special data that relate to race, national and ethnical minorities, political opinion or standpoint, religion or faith, membership of organisations, health condition, bad habits, sexual life and priors. If the Company finds out that a concerned party deposited data that are considered special pursuant to the provisions of the 2011/CXII act, it will delete them immediately and it is entitled to delete the registration of the given User.

C) Data management in other situations
If the Company is organising games within which it is handling personal data for direct marketing purpose, then the data protection information related to the handling of these data will be published in a separate Game rule. The National data protection and freedom of information authority registered the Company’s such data management. The Company’s data management registration number is: NAIH-78963/2014.

4. Security

The Company takes all the necessary measures to assure the safe and damage-free handling of the personal data as well as the construction and operation of the required data management systems. The Company undertakes to provide the state-of-the-art and most suitable equipment and security rules for the safe handling of the data, with special regard to the unauthorised access to the data and avoiding that no data get published, deleted or terminated.

The Company stipulates the above obligation for the employees participating in the data management activity, thus we are regulating the access of our own employees according to which only those employees can have access to the database that are technical or are dealing with the customer data.

The Company is storing, keeping the Customer’s or User’s data required to provide the service and for the contact keeping, similarly to the data related to booking or others services, these data won’t be disclosed to third parties, except when the third party participating in the service, respectively if the entitled authorities are asking to hand over the personal data in the way specified by law, then we can hand over the available data to the authorities.

During the visiting of the Website the Company’s server is collecting and storing certain statistical data that are not suitable to identify the Customer and they are not related to people. These data are among others the User’s Internet provider, in certain cases the visitor’s IP address, the version number of the software browser, the type of the computer’s operation system, the website form where the Company’s website was accessed, the pages that were visited on the website, the searching words that were used to get to the Website.

The storing and collection of the non-personal data take place due to system-administration, statistical, security or product development reasons. From these data one can deduce the number of visits of the Website and they serve for the development of the Website and its services, too. The User’s IP address gets recorded - among others – due to security and monitoring reasons.

The Website is using cookies to handle the user’s settings and data processes, but they do not connect any personal data to the cookies. You can set in your own browser whether it should accept or reject them or there is need to specify in case of every cookie setting. Since the browsers are differing, therefore we kindly ask to read the Help of your browser so that you can properly set the use of cookies. For the utilisation of the Website’s entire range of services you have to allow the use of cookies.

5. Information on the handling of your personal data, correction, deletion, storing

If you want to get informed on what data the Company recorded about you and it handles them, with special regard to the purpose, duration, legal base of use, and about who and why are receiving or received the data, please, contact our Company through the contacts specified in article 2.

Correction of the personal data: If the personal data are not correct, and the true data are available for us, then we are correcting the personal data and you can also ask for the correction of the personal data.

Withdrawal of approval: You van any time withdraw your consent given for the data handling, without justification, either partly or in full. After the notification on the withdrawal of the consent we immediately make sure the data handling gets terminated, we are deleting the related personal data from the database.

Deletion of the personal data: The personal data get deleted when the purpose of data handling does not exist any more or if requested by the concerned party. The Company is deleting the recorded data from the records if the conditions of lawful or legitimate data storage are not met any longer.

Blocking the personal data: Instead of deletion the Company is blocking the personal data if the concerned party asks for this, or if based on the available information it can be supposed that the deletion would breach the concerned party’s legitimate interests. The blocked data can be handled as long as the data handling purpose does exist.

In 30 days from submitting the request we are providing in writing the understandable information.

6. Legal remedy

Legal remedy because of refusing the correction, blockin gor deletion of the personal data:

If we can’t fulfil the concerned party’s request to make the correction, blocking or deletion, then the Company will tell this in writing in 30 days from receiving the request and will tell the factual or legal reasons of refusing the correction, blocking or deletion. Should the application for the correction, blocking or deletion be rejected the concerned parties may contact the court or the Office of National data protection and freedom of information for legal remedy.

7. Facebook Social Plugins

The Website features a Facebook “Like” button plug-in, if you click on the “Like” button then even this information will be connected to your Facebook user’s account. Through the connection you are enabling the Facebook to collect and use further data thus in connection with the protection of your data your can get informed through the Facebook’s data protection information.

8. Changes in the data protection statement

From time to time we are modifying our data protection statement. In case of changing we make it available for the users on the website, and we assure that our users know what personal data we are collecting, how we are using them and when we are disclosing them.


Data protection and the ÁSZF


effective from May 25, 2018

The www.hotel-kalvaria.hu website is operated by the Helen-Dent Kft. (9024 Győr, Tax number: 11133575-2-08, Company reg. number: Cg. 08-09-003977, e-mail: info@hotel-kalvaria.hu).

The Helen-Dent Kft., the operator of the www.hotel-kalvaria.hu declares that pursuant to the obligation contained in the paragraph 28. § (1) of the 1992/LXIII act on the protection of personal data and the publicity of the data of public purpose he – before commencing its data handling activity - notified the NAIH data protection commissioner about the legally required data in order to get registered. The recording took place on October 10, 2014 under the number of NAIH-78963/2014.

In addition the operator of the website declares that he complies with the legal obligation contained in the paragraph 3. § (1) of the 2005/CLXIV act modified in June and effective from October 1, 2009 (in harmony with the EU directives): "...those intending to perform activity in the Republic of Hungary, shall report this intention to the commercial authority."

The operator of the www.hotel-kalvaria.hu website – in order to protect the personal data and in order to comply with the requirements of the information self-determination and the freedom of information is presenting the following data protection statement, basic information and general contractual terms and conditions:

Name of service provider: Helen-Dent Kft.
Seat: 9024 Győr, Kálvária utca 24/a.

Company registration number: Győr-Moson-Sopron county’s court as company court, Cg. 08-09-003977 
6. Number of entrepreneurial certificate

7. Tax number: 11133575-2-08

8. Contact detail of the dealer: Ph: +3696510800

9. The e-mail address used to keep contact with the customers: info@hotel-kalvaria.hu

2. The address of enforcing the consumers’ complaints: Hotel Kálvária, 9024 Győr, Kálvária utca 22/d

3. Phone number of the dealer (at least one phone number is mandatory): +3696510800

During the database operating and database managing activity performed through the www.hotel-kalvaria.hu website the Helen-Dent Kft. accepts as mandatory the following

-          provisions of the 1992/LXIII act ont he protection of personal data and the publishing of the data of public interest and

-          the provisions of the 2011/CXII act on information self-determination and freedom of information,

-          the provisions of the European Union’s GDPR law,

and it pays special attention to the compliance with the provisions of the international treaty concluded in Strasbourg on January 28, 1981 („Treaty on the protection of individuals during the mechanical processing of personal data”, proclaimed through the 1998/VI act).

The data-management activity performed by the Helen-Dent Kft. is based only on the voluntarism of the users. The data managing activity can take place only if connected to a purpose.

The Helen-Dent Kft. will always handle the received data confidentially, he will protect them from unauthorised access and guarantees their protection.

According to all these the Helen-Dent Kft. may handle the users’ data only within his database-operating and data-handling activity, according to the contents of the data protection statement and as permitted by law.

If the operator of the website is modifying the present data management statement, then at least 15 days prior the modification’s coming into force he will inform the users through the present website about the expectable changes.

Asking for data

The User is entitled to use the website without providing any personal data; however for the use of certain services it might be required to supply the Operator with certain personal data.

In function of the service going to be used by the User the Operator may ask the User to provide the following personal data:

  • name and contact details, including the e-mail address, address and the data related to his/her company;
  • IP address, cookies
  • information related to personal and professional interest;
  • demographic data (e.g. sex, date of birth);
  • the experience with our products and
  • preferences related to being contacted so that we can supply the User with the further information on our products and services through the channel that suits him / her best (e.g. e-mail, letter, etc.).

The operator of the website stipulates in the present Data management policy that the User’s

-          name and demographic data until withdrawal

-          e-mail address for (3-4-5- maximum 7) years

-          phone number for (3-4-5- maximum 10) years

-          address for (7-10) years

-          curriculum vitae for (maximum 2) years


1. Group of the managed data

When visiting the Website the start and end moment of the User’s visit will be recorded automatically, respectively in certain cases – depending on the settings of the User’s PC – the type of the browser and the operation system. From these data the system is automatically generating statistical data. The Operator hereby declares that and undertakes for the future that he won’t connect these data with personal data. When logging in the Website is sending session ID which is getting automatically deleted when leaving the Website.

The handling of the data provided for the use of the Website takes place with the voluntary consent of the user.

2. Purpose of data management

The data management serves for the continuous connection between the registered users that use the Website’s services and the Operators as well as the public opinion research. In addition the data are used and managed in order to supply the User with services of higher level especially in the following areas:

  • for answering the questions asked on the Website;
  • to deliver our newsletters;
  • for the inner records;
  • to develop the Website’s content;
  • to inform about the updating of the Website;
  • to tailor-make the content of the Website;
  • in order to deliver to the User the publications he/she is ordering on our website.

The Operator can contact the User through e-mail, phone, fax or letter, except when one of these was marked as the preferred option.

The recording and storage of the time of the visit and the type of browser and operation system serve statistical purpose only.

The Operator will handle the personal data only for the purpose, he will not use them for another purpose. The management of the data supplied by the User takes place with the voluntary consent of the User. The Operator shall not forward, disclose, sell, rent the user’s personal data and shall not make them available to third parties unless it is necessary because of the purposes contained in the present Data protection statement or it is stipulated by law.

The Operator will handle all the User’s related data and facts confidentially, he will use them only for the development of his services, to sell the promotion platforms and for one’s own research and statistical purpose. The publication of the related reports takes place in the form that is not suitable to identify the Users.

If the Operator intends to provide information about the products and possibilities the user might be interested in, such information can be sent to the User through a letter, by phone, fax or e-mail, except when one of these was marked as the preferred option.

When the User is supplying his personal data he can specify that the Operator can’t use them for direct marketing purpose. If the user opts for this possibility, then the Operator does not contact him for direct marketing purpose. If the User is the Operator’s customer or he has already asked for information earlier about our products, it may happen that he informs him about the products through e-mail, too, unless he asks for the contrary.

If the User supplied his personal data to receive information through e-mail about the Operator’s services, he will keep sending it through e-mail, unless he asks for the contrary. In other cases when he provides the personal data to the Operator, he can decide whether he wants to receive such information through e-mail, too.

3. Duration of the data management

The session IDs are deleted automatically when leaving the Website

The Operator does not assume liability for the earlier pages that were deleted earlier but being still archived through the Internet browsers. The operator of the browser needs to act in order to remove them.

4. The group of parties having access to the data, data processors

The personal data provided by the Users can be accessed by the Operator’s data processors.

Besides the specific parties the Operator must not disclose the personal data to third parties. This does not refer to the eventual legitimate and mandatory data forwarding that may take place in extraordinary situations only. Before complying with the official data requests the Operator will check whether the legal base for forwarding the data does exist.

5. The Users’ rights related to the management of their personal data, data deletion

The legal base of data management is the voluntary consent of the Users

The Users may ask for information about the management of their personal data. If requested the Operator provides information to the concerned party about the managed data, the purpose of data management, the legal base, duration, the Operator’s name and address (seat: n/a) and the activity related to the data management, as well as about who and why are receiving or received the data. The information can be requested through the Operator’s postal address (see above) respectively through the info@hotel-kalvaria.hu e-mail address. The User can ask for the correction and/or deletion of the personal data through the same contacts.

Besides the above every month through an electronic mail the Operator may contact all the Users with a valid registration: here they are informed about the possibility to get unsubscribed if the User does not intend to use the website’s services in the future.

Should the website’s services not be used in the proper way and if requested by the User we are deleting the data connected to him. The deletion takes place in 24 hours from the workday that follows the day of request.

The Operator always pays high attention to the safety of the personal data. In order to prevent the unauthorised access to the personal data, we are applying the proper physical, electronic procedure for the protection and safety of the data received online.

6. Data security measures

The Operator is storing the personal data on the servers of the website’s host provider that can be found on the Hungarian Internet backbone system.

7. Possibilities for legal remedy

If the user thinks the website’s operator breached the User’s right to the protection of his personal data then he can pursue legal remedy and he can enforce his claim before a civil court or he can ask for the assistance of the data protection commissionaire, too. The related detailed legal provisions and those related to the obligations of the Operator are contained in the 1992/LXIII act on the protection of personal data and the publicity of the data of public interest.

When drafting the data protection statement we considered as base the 1992/LXIII act on the protection of personal data and the publicity of data of public interest as well as the act on 1998/VI act on the protection of individuals during the mechanical processing of the personal data.

8. Information related to puchasing

In case of purchasing vouchers we repay to our Customers – in maximum 30 days – the purchasing price if there is a cancellation, together with the paid delivery fee in the way agreed upon with the buyer. The expenses related to the return will be covered by the buyer. Simultaneously the buyer is not burdened with any other expense besides the fee of returning the product.

In certain situations the buyer is not entitled to cancel:

1. In case of products that are rather special, and prepared as requested by the buyer.

2. In case of quickly perishable food.

3. In case of hygienic products, vitamins, dietary supplements, sexual accessories, cosmetics if the product has already been opened.

4. In case of a contract related to the subscription of a magazine, journal and temporary paper.

5. In case of a contract related to sound and image recording and the exemplar of a computer software, if the packaging has already been opened.

Based on the buyer’s data we can issue the invoice of the ordered products to the customer and send the product to the provided address. When ordering the mandatory data should be provided accurately. It is possible to make comments / requests in the proper field

Choose the desired service from the website with the package option menu or by browsing in the specified categories! You can have a look at the product photos, can read the product descriptions, and after clicking on the "Basket" button the product gets in to the buyer’s basket, in the number requested by you.

After checking the content of the basket provide the billing and delivery information and place the order. The system is sending an automatic e-mail and confirms the number of the selected products as well as their price. Simultaneously our staff receive your order and immediately begin to pack your products.

After purchasing the vouchers we are sending the voucher by post.


Our prices contain the VAT.

Valid order:

The order can be considered valid if you have completed all the details on the registration page. In this case, you can see a telephone number and the exact shipping and billing address below or above the products ordered in the confirmation letter. Please, check the confirmation letter as we will ship the goods based on that information.

Invalid order:

If, for example, the exact shipping address is missing, the order will be automatically cancelled. You may correct or modify the information provided on the registration page at any time if you visit our website. An order with incomplete data must always be repeated after the data has been corrected.

Delivery in Hungary

The cost of delievering the pack will be covered by the hotel.

In case of failed delivery:

In case of failed delivery the cost of delivery will be covered by the Client. Our colleague leaves a notification about the failed delivery at the specified address where he specifies the contact details.


Through the website, after the order with pre-payment, or by card online, respectively on the spot by card respectively by cash.

The issued invoice contains the cost of sending thr package and the price of the product!

Duration of the contract:

The contract will come into force by validating / confirming the order if the buyer got registered with no error and it gets closed with the delivery.

The contract can be considered void if the registration contains incomplete data or in the comment field the request can’t be fulfilled.

In order to avoid the misuse the operator of the www.hotel-kalvaria.hu website reserves the right – on certain conditions - to refuse the service toward the customers who do not comply with the contents of the pourchasing contract.


During the purchasing the the consumer is entitled to warranty (Ptk.’s paragraph 305-311.§). We assume full responsibility for the wrong fulfilment! Durign packaging the colleagues are meticulously checking the identity of the product / service featuring in the invoice and the package.

We are displaying every ordered product on the order sheet in an itemised way.

Right to cancel:

The wording of the act can be read here:

Pursuan to the authorisation contained paragraph 55. § a) of the 1997/CLV act on protection of consumers (further on: Fvtv.) th Government stipulates as follows:

  1. §
    (1) The scope of the decree refers to the contract that is concluded by the business entity or a foreign compny with a Hungarian site (further on jointly: business entity) and the consumer through the utilisation of one or more telecommunication devices within the product-selling or service providing activity of the business entity (contract concluded between distant entities).

(2) The decree can be applied if there is no special law stipulating differently about the contract that falls under the decree.

(3) The decree is not covering:

a.) the contract related to the financial service providing and the complementary financial service providing activity, the insurance and the insurance brokerage activity, the investment service providing and the complementary investment service providing activity as well as the contract related to voluntary mutual fund and pension fund services;

b) selling form a vending machine;

c.) the contract concluded with the organisation that provides the telecommunication service through the use of a public telecommunication station;

d) the construction contract;

e.) the contracts aiming at the obtaining of the property’s ownership right or other property-related right, except for the lease contract;

f) the contract concluded at an auction.

(4) For the contract related to the regular delivery to home of the FMCG products, exclusively the paragraph 7. § (2)-(3) and the 8-11. § can be applied, for the travel contract and the contract related to the obtaining of the timely shared utilisation right of the properties the paragraph 9. § can be applied.

(5) The telecommunication device in regard of applying the present decree: any device that is suitable to make a contractual statement when the parties are not present –in order to make the contractual statement. Such devices are especially the addressed or unaddressed printout, the standard letter, the advertisement published in the press with an ordering sheet, the catalogue, phone, automatic calling device, radio, video-telephone, videotex (micro computer with a display) with keyboard or touchscreen, the electronic mail (e-mail), the telefax ad the TV.

2. §
(1) Prior the conclusion of the contract the business sentity shall notify the consumer in due time:

a.) about the company name (name) of the business entity, seat (address), the registration number defined by law, tax number and the phone number;

b.) essential features of the subject of the contract;

c.) the price, including other payment obligations related to the price;

d.) if required the cost of delivery;

e.) other conditions of payment, delivery or fulfilment;

f) the right to cancel (4-5. §)

g.) the fee of using the telecommunication device, if it is determined differently from the base fee;

h.) time of the bindig bid;

i.) about the shortest duration of the contract when the content of the contract is being fulfilled continuously or in a repeated way.


(2) The business entity shal comply with the informing obligation per (1) in a clear way and according to the involved telecommunication device.

(3) If the business entity makes on offer to the consumer on the phone to conclude a contract, at the beginning he shall at least tell the company name (name), seat (address) and phone number and shall notify the consumer about his intention to conclude a contract.

3. §
(1) Prior the conclusion of the contract the business entity shall in due time but maximum at the conclusion of the contract supply the consumer with written information about the contents of the paragraph 2. § (1) a)-f) or other document that confirms the oral information (further on jointly: written information).

(2) Besides those prescribed in (1) the written documentation shall contain:

a.) the conditions, mode and consequences of exerting the right to cancellation as per 4. §, including the contents of paragraphs 4. § (5), 6. § and 7. § (3) and the situation when the consumer is not entitled to the right of cancellation based on 5. §;

b.) the address of the business organisation’s site (branch) or the address of other organisational unit where the consumer can enforce his objections;

c.) conditions of guarantee respectively warranty, and the assurance of the supplementary service that can be used after the fulfilment (supply of spare parts, repair service);

d.) the possibility to terminate the contract if it is valid for an undefinite time, or its duration exceeds one year.

(3) The contents of (1)-(2) can’t be applied for a service supplied one ntime through the telecommunication device whose price needs to be paid to the operator of the telecommunication device. However in such case the consumer needs to be informed about the business entity’s address as per (2) b).

4. §
(1) The consumer can cancel the contract without justification in 8 workdays.

(2) The consumer can exert his right to cancellation from the day when he received the goods, and in case of the service whe he concluded the contract, provided that the busines sentity complied his informing obligation according to 3. § tett.

(3) If the business entity does not comply with the informing obligation as per 3. §, then the consumer can exert his right to cancellation from the day of receiving the product, in case of a service in three months from concluding the contract.

(4) if the informing as per 3. § takes place in 3 months specified in (3), then the 8-workday deadline open for the consumer to cancel starts from the day when he received the information.

(5) The business entity is obliged to pay back the amount paid by the consumer immediately but in maximum 30 days from the cancellation. The consumer shall cover the expenses incurred in connection with the return of the goods due to the exertio of the right to cancellation. In addition the consumer has to pay no other expense. However the business orgamisation may claim to compensate for the damages caused by the improper use of the goods.

5. §
If there is no other agreement between the parties the consumer can’t exert the right to cancellation as per 4. §

a.) in case of the contract related to the supply of service, if prior the expiry of the 8-workday deadline to cancel the business organisation began the fulfilment with the consent of the consumer;

b.) in case of the selling goods respectively supplying services whose price respectively fee depends on the money market’s volatility that can’t be controlled by the business entity;

c.) in case of selling goods that are connected to the consumer’s personality, respectively that are produced according tot he consumer’s instructions or requested by him, or which by nature can’t be returned or is perishable;

d.) in case of a contract related to sound respectively image recording and certain software, if the consumer opened the wrapping;

e.) in case of the contract related to the distribution of magazine, journal and temporary paper;

f.) in case of gambling-related contracts.

6. §
(1) If the fee of the goods or the service is covered party or in full by the loan provided by the business organisation [Fvtv. 2. § d)], the consumer’s right to cancel as per 4. § is cancelling the loan contract, too.

(2) The consumer is not obliged to cover the business organisation’s damages deriving from the cancelled consumer loan contract, and no interest or other expense can be claimed from him. However the business organisation can claim from the consumer the compensation for the damages deriving from the conclusion of the loan contract provided that it was stipulated in the loan contract when defining the amount of the damage elements and he met his informing obligation as per 3. §.

(3) The contents of (1)-(2) shall be applied accordingly if the price of the goods or the fee of the service is covered party or in full by a consumer loan provided by a third party (attachment 2, article III.5 of the 1996/CXII act on credit institutions and financial companies) provided that the consumer loan contract is based on the prior agreement between the financial institution and the business organisation. The business organiation is obliged to immediately inform the financial institution about the consumer’s cancellation.

7. §
(1) If there is no other agreement between the parties the business organisation is obliged to fulfil according to the contract in 30 days from receiving the notification of the consumer.

(2) If the busines sorganisation does not meet his obligation assumed in the contract because the goods defined in the contract are not available, respectively he can’t supply the ordered services, he shall notify the consumer with no delay, and repay the consumer-paid amount immediately but in maximum 30 days. The fulfilment of this obligation does not exempt the business organisation from other consequence of his breach of contract.

(3) If the business organisation is fulfilling with replacement goods or services in the way defined in the contract, then due to the exertion of the cancellation right of 4. § the expense of returning the goods shall be covered by the business organiation. The business organisation shall clearly inform the consumer about the covering of the expenses and the fulfilment with the properly replacing goods respectively services.

8. §
(1) The business organisation may not claim from the consumer a price if he sells goods respectively if he supplies services that were not ordered earlier by the consumer.

(2) If the consumer fails to make a statement it is not possible to opine the tacit acceptance of the business organisation’s offer.

9. §
(1) The consumer’s express consent is required for the business organisation to use an automatic calling device respectively telefax in order to conclude a contract.

(2) If there is no different law then the business organisation – when lacking the consumer’s objection – may use a telecommunication device that establishes the direct connection, that does not fall unedr the (1).

10. §
It is the task of the business organisation to prove that he met his informing obligation defined in the decree, he complied with the deadline-related provisions and procured the consumer’s consent specified in 9. §.

11. §
(1) The consumer can’t renounce his right defined in the decree.

(2) It is possible to deviate from the contents of the decree for the consumer’s benefit only..

12. §
(1) This decree comes into force on March 1, 1999, its provisions need to be applied for the contracts concluded after coming into force.

(2) Simultaneously with the coming into force of this decree the „in 8 days” wording will be replaced with the „in 8 workdays” in paragraph 4. § (1)-(2) of the 44/1998 (III.11) Government decree on door-to-door selling.

(3) This decree contains a regulation that can be matched with the 97/7/EC directive of the European parliament and the Council on the remotely concluded contracts, in harmony with the paragraph 3. § of the 1994/I act that proclaims the agreement, in the subject of the European treaty signed on December 16, 1991 in Brussels, about the association beign established between the Republic of Hungary and the European Community and its member states.

Th ereturn does not refer to the delivery cost, and the cost of returning the products will be covered by the buyer!

Protection of our data

Hereby we are informing you that we are storing your data for the fulfilment of the contract and to prove the conditions of the contract in the future (see above).

The wording of the 1992/lxIII act on the protection of personal data and the publicity of the data of public interest is avaiable on the next page:

http://complex.hu /kzldat/t9200063.htm/t9200063.htm


9. Information on the risks that endanger the private sphere

The use of the Internet involves some risks that concern the private sphere.

We draw your attention that your opinion provided on the website is a personal datum from which it is possible to conclude to the special data, even your origin or political opinion. These data become available to anybody.

We recommend that in order to protect your personal data use PET technology (Private sphere-enhancing technology). There is related information on various websites.


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